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How to Keep Your Wedding Catering Cost in Milwaukee, WI Low

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Keeping Bridal Catering Cost Low

Base from the survey most wedding would usually allot 30% of the budget to the catering. If you are short on budget, you don’t need to spend 30% of your wedding budget on food. You can actually lower down the expenses by simply talking to the experts of wedding catering in Milwaukee, WI. Experts will give you considerable amount of advice, which you can follow.

cateringDo not do DIY
Some brides have different mindsets when it comes to DIY. Most of the time, they think that having a DIY catering can save them more money. In fact, it does not. You tend to be more stressed if you set up for a DIY catering. Make sure you check cheap providers in your area. In this way, you pay less at the same time you are not bothered by worries. DIY catering is not recommended by many wedding solution stores.

Get alternative to serving a meal
If you want your wedding to be less costly, do not serve a meal. It means that you need to move your wedding early in the morning. In this way, you don’t need to provide your guests a full blown meal. You can just serve your guests with champagne, cake and coffee. Another alternative is setup a lunch wedding. Lunch is usually cheaper as compared to a sit down dinner.

Get a buffet
There are some types of buffet that will make you spend more, so it is important to plan out ahead of time. Hold a meeting with your caterer on what kind of foods that could easily make the guests full and satisfied. The keyword here is the right kind of buffet not just like the usual buffet.

It is always better to celebrate a wedding wherein your wallet will not go thin. Talk to your nearest wedding catering in Milwaukee, WI and see what can they do on your menu package. Additional info about wedding caterers in Milwaukee

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