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Top 3 Luxury Car Rental Best for Your Wedding in Houston, TX

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Top 3 Bridal Luxury Cars

??????????????????They say that a wedding celebration should be celebrated in the most stylish way. If you are going to upgrade other bridal services that you have, do not forget to include luxury car rental for wedding in Houston, TX on your list. If you don’t own a private luxury car which is very expensive, there are alternatives out there. You still can drive it even just for a day in a super affordable pricing.

The following are the top 5 luxury cars that will surely impress everyone on your guest list:

Gran Coupe 2014 BMW
If you want to have small yet sleek and powerful bridal car, this 2014 BMW will serve you well. It is packed with 7 speed auto shift transmission. Its V8 560 hp turbo engine will bring you to your location quickly in style.

F Type 2014 Jaguar
Are you dreaming of having your own driver? The good news is you can rent it. This supercar is really stunning and powerful while on the road. It is powered by V6 380 hp engine. It also has advance navigation system which you can use if the road is congested. Drive with style in this super luxurious car.

S Class 2014 Mercedes Benz
Another classic yet powerful piece of art you can feature in your bridal transport is from the roster of Mercedes Benz collection. This is powered by V8 449 hp engine. It is armed with upgrades like airbags on its side seat, overhead, driver’s knee, and advanced sensors.

These luxury car rental options for wedding in Houston, TX are among the few from the roster of in demand bridal cars which you can find in the market. Make your wedding memorable by customizing the transport service that you have chosen. Set up an appointment with the provider to discuss the terms.