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Wedding Pies in Houston, TX as Desserts with Benefits

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Serving Desserts with Health Benefits

wedding piesServing a dessert does not mean limiting the choices to cake. As you know, desserts have large variety of choices from simple sweets to towering 7 tiers cake. You can take a look at the bakeries and bake shop that offers sumptuous cake in any bridal vendors online. One of the most neglected yet beneficial desserts are the wedding pies in Houston, TX. As most couples are investing on expensive types of pastries, little they did know that pies are also great considerations.

Usually, there are two types of pies that are served during special holidays in the US, apple or pumpkin. Most health experts would usually say that “an apple a day will keep the doctor away” which is true as apples are loaded with lots of antioxidants. There are a less number of people who know that apple has a compound called flavanoid, which prevents LDL or bad cholesterol inside the body. It could also be a great agent for inflammation prevention.

Don’t you know that a slice of an apple pie will supply your stomach five grams of dietary fiber? If you are an apple lover, feature it on your bridal wedding best pecan pie in Houston. You can also customize it by adding other types of sweets like chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and etc. You can give it a twist by pouring controlled amount of liquor.

Another pie that is loaded with healthy benefits is the one with pumpkin on it. Eating a pumpkin pie is like taking a regular dose of vitamins as it contains rich beta carotene; the body processes it to become vitamin A. This kind of vitamin is known to boost growth of the bones, improvement of immune system, regulation of hormones, and boosting of one’s vision.

It doesn’t matter whether you serve expensive cakes or affordable wedding pies in Houston, TX as long as the dessert tastes good.  Dessert time is one of the highlights of the reception so take time to decide which type of pie that will capture the taste of the invited guests.

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