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Wedding Honeymoon Destinations for Non-Aficionados of Beaches

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Honeymoon Locations for Non-Lovers of Beaches

After the wedding day, many newlyweds pack their bags for a long honeymoon vacation. The typical honeymoon destination is in a tropical paradise island. Many couples love to be in their swimwear and lie on the white sand. Others love the idea of just sitting under the coconut tree and sipping fresh coco juice. You can also enjoy such romantic and relaxing honeymoon vacation, but it definitely does not sound good to couples who aren’t beach bums.

Beach Honeymoon

You should think of somewhere to go for your wedding honeymoon if the idea of going to the beach seems too mainstream to you already. If you are from a rural area, why not have a city tour? You will be surprised with the cool urban adventures awaiting you and your partner. New York City is famous, but you might want to try going to Tokyo or Paris too.

For city girls and boys, you can have a break with the hustle-bustle of the city by visiting the countryside. The picturesque views combined with the natural flora and fauna will surely give you a peace and relaxing mind. You will find secluded cabins and lodges where you can both have an intimate time together.

The mountains will make you literally feel you are at the top of the world. Whether you come in summer or winter, your wedding honeymoon will be a blast. Make sure to book a room where you will have the best view of the mountains. Don’t forget to check on the activities that you can both do together like hiking or skiing.

When the destinations mentioned above do not thrill you, maybe you will find the desert a romantic one. Maybe you can’t see anything in the distance, but it surely is the best place to be away from the city and just enjoy the company of each other. Stargazing and listening to the howls of the coyote at night are just few of the things that will make your honeymoon romantic.

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