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Wedding Cake Making Competitions to Find Out the Best Among the Rest in Philadelphia PA

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How do you find the best wedding cake in Philadelphia PA? It is pretty simple! attend the bi annual competition of wedding cakes in Philadelphia PA. Entertain yourself and have fun in their amazing fair where you will find the best cakes and products that you can avail for your wedding ceremony. This is the best place that you can be when you are craving to have the biggest or most peculiar cake in town. These fairs are for free and you can watch the sensational wedding cake competition in Philadelphia PA. You can also look at any wedding sites directory for more reference.

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During the competition, man cake bakers from all over the state gather and perform their best. They are given a particular concept to follow or sometimes they make their own. The competitors vary from amateur cake bakers to professional pastry makers. The fair will provide the sponsored products and ingredients as well as the huge prize for the best wedding cakes Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

The competitors are also given a maximum of three to five hours to decorate and make their cake. When all of the preparation is done, all of the competitors would line up and explain their work of art. When the judges find them interesting, they will belong to the final five. The taste and decoration would count as well as the audience’s votes.

Just like in pageants, the final five will accomplish a special task that will determine their talent. For example, they will make a dozen of creative cupcakes that will be precisely uniform from each other or they will create surprise wedding cake pops for the soon to be wedded couples. Once the final round has reached its end, big prizes are given by sponsors. Since everybody makes sure to do their best, the couple will find this place a great venue to asses the type of wedding cake they will be having.

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