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Ways to Have a Budget-Friendly Indian Wedding Catering in Dallas, TX

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Practical Catering Ideas for Your Wedding

cateringYou have to expect that most of your wedding budget will actually go to the food and beverages. Even if you only plan to have a simple wedding, it is the preparation of food which will take most of your time and your money. That is why many suggest to hire professional for your Indian wedding catering in Dallas, TX. But then, hiring one can still bes costly. Here are simple ideas you can follow to save on your wedding food as many wedding stores suggest.

  1. Pick a venue that is open for off-site caterers – This is probably the first thing you have to do. EVen if your venue can provide you catering services, you will have to consider how much it will cost you rather than hiring  an outside caterer. Mostly, wedding venue caterers are pricey and only serve few amounts.
  2. Prepare your own appetizers – Appetizers maybe the easiest to prepare. That is why instead of having your chosen caterer provide it to you, you can take a little time to prepare them and save more.
  3. Don’t be too extravagant on your dishes – Yes, having an exquisite menu can definitely impress your guests but it will be useless if the dishes is not very friendly to their taste buds. Even if you only serve simple dishes, what matters most is that they are delicious, easy to eat, appetizing, and can satisfying according to their taste.
  4. Have DIY food stations on your reception – Instead of hiring servers, you can save more if you set up many food stations where your guests can customize their food selection. To be more practical, it is best to go for a buffet Indian wedding catering in Dallas, TX instead of plated meals.
  5. Go for a breakfast wedding – Breakfast or brunch meals can actually save you a lot than serving dinner for Indian catering in Dallas. You can also skip on liquor and go for coffee, tea, juices, and other traditional Indian drinks that are healthy and best for events.

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