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Top 3 Bloom Suggestions from Wedding Florists in New Orleans, LA

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Bridal Floral Blooms to Consider

The aesthetics of your wedding will always depend on how the florists have arranged the blooms as regards to the other elements of your ensemble. In most cases, the floral designs should always follow the theme of the wedding.

If you are looking forward to feature some of the blooms that you wanted to have on your wedding day, your wedding florists in New Orleans, LA could always help you. Just make sure to inform them ahead of time so that they could make necessary arrangement in order to acquire the flowers ahead of time. Some flowers may not be readily available because they are not in season.

Bridal FloristIf you have no ideas of must have flowers on your wedding day, here is a list in no particular order:


This flower is really elegant especially when featured in a more casual reception venue. You can also make bouquets and boutonnieres out of the tulips. Tulips has three variations so you need to be very specific if you want French, Dutch or parrot tulips. This flower is very symbolic; in the bridal world, its meaning stands for “happy years” or “consuming love”.


This bloom is a wedding all star. Most of the weddings will not be complete without roses on its ensemble and floral arrangement. There are three types that you may want to consider when ordering roses—spray, hybrid tea and garden roses. Roses are very flexible because it has variety of colors that will sync to the rest of your theme palette.


When you say volume, this is what you are looking for. Most florists use this type of flower on bouquets in order to achieve volume. This is also available in different colors such as purple, pink burgundy, blue and many more. You can take a look at any bridal shop online. This flower is almost available in all seasons so you will have no problems acquiring them from your wedding florists in New Orleans, LA, check here

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