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Tips in Neutralizing the Cost of Houston, TX Cajun Food Wedding Catering

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How to Evade the Cost of Expensive Wedding Catering

Wedding CateringThere is a false belief that haunts most couples that if they will not serve grand type of catering selections the guests will not be impressed. As a smart individual, you should know that guests are impressed with so many things, not just the grandiose and expensive wedding catering selections. You can serve simple yet delicious set of wedding catering foods and still impress them. When thinking of hiring Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX, please understand that you don’t need to go really big in terms of budget,

Minimize the number of staff

In most cases, the cost of the catering service becomes expensive due to the number of waiters and staff injected by the provider. The fastest way in order to lower down the bill is to cut down the number of servers. During the proposal phase, the caterer will give you quotation and estimate. Review how many chefs, servers and staffs included in the deal. If you see that there is no need for some staffs get rid of them. Opt for stationary food tables rather than staffs; you can also have the food passed on from one table to another.

Minimize the number of guests

Well, isn’t it obvious that you are spending too much on food because you have too many unnecessary guests? You don’t need to invite everyone to your wedding. According to planners, it is better if you keep your wedding guests small so it will be manageable. Exclusive weddings are usually attended by family members and closest friends so you can keep the catering plain and simple yet elegant.

Reviewing the vendor’s itemized list

Since a wedding caterer is still a vendor, the company will always find its way to make money. When you receive the catering proposal from them, there is a need to review each of the items one by one, from the contracts to small invoices. If you are not reviewing them, there might be a big possibility that the company will add something that you haven’t ordered on the list. Pay attention so you can get rid of some unnecessary things.

Cut down entrees

In traditional weddings, the common number of entrees is around five. If you are low in budget, you can cut the two and have three entrees instead. It does not matter whether you have five or three for as long as the food is well presented and clean.

If you need affordable and stunning setup for your wedding foods, the only way to do it is plan with the professionals. Experienced and seasoned caterers will always know how to handle the situation especially if you have budget constraint. For more assistance, please contact Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX.

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