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Tips for Brides To Have an Enticing Look on Their Honeymoon at Hotels in Juneau, AK

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5 Tips on How to Look at Your Best on Your Honeymoon

If you want to make the most of our honeymoon at cottages in Juneau in Alaska, it’s important that you find ways to look at your best in one of the most romantic times of your life. Follow these tips to become the best version of your life during your honeymoon.


Tip 1: Tone up your body. Exercise daily and follow a healthy diet. If you can do this at least a month before your honeymoon, it’s best. So get on the treadmill today and start getting the perfect curve for your body.

Tip 2: Wear simple and minimal look. Once you’ve got the perfect body, start looking for you best attire from the wedding store. Shop for a simple but sexy evening dress and go nude with your makeup. Don’t put your husband off by spending hours dressing up.

Tip 3: Show off some skin. It’s your honeymoon, which means that you can wear the skimpier clothes that you want. So wear the clothes that you feel sexy when wearing them and that you are comfortable wearing on. But make sure that you keep in mind the culture of the place when choosing your honeymoon dress.

Tip 4: Pamper your skin. One way to make you look at your best Juneau vacation rentals during your honeymoon at hotels Juneau Alaska is by ensuring that your skin glow all day long. Consider applying a good amount of water-based skin moisturizer, depending on your skin type. You may also apply a light cream and sunscreen when you’re going outdoors.

Tip 5: Surprise your husband. Spice up your intimate and romantic moments by carrying some sexy lingeries and wearing them inside the confines of your room. You may also bring with you bath salts that you can use to make your bodies smell good. Surprise your husband with your inviting looks.

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