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Tips in Decorating Classic Wedding Ballrooms in New Orleans, LA

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Ideas on Decorating Classic Wedding Receptions

There might be new and more carefree wedding theme nowadays, still nothing beats the traditional. Even if it is a traditional wedding, you can still make it a grand one that will surely make you feel like a royalty. That is why there are many classic wedding venues New Orleans LA that can offer you a Cinderella like wedding ball.
If you wish to have a classic wedding ballroom for your wedding reception, there are many ways on how you can create the drama needed for a graceful and intimate momentous event.

Give it a more romantic effect. As for these, you will need a lot of flowers. What you need are flowers that can make the atmosphere soft and a bit feminine. Feeling like a princess in a fairy tale is certainly what most of the brides dream of. You can have garlands of pink roses for a traditional chuppah with satin and chiffon drapes plus great lighting effect that can highlight the colors of the flowers. If your chosen wedding ballroom is a large space, tall décor such as fountain of flowers will make the ballroom look elegant too.

Next is what to do with the dance floor. You can wash it with warm-hued lighting. If it is a white floor, rose-tinted lighting can provide the dance floor gloss and soft glow. But if you want something more dramatic especially if it is a two or more storey ballroom, a majestic crystal chandelier can bring elegance and sophistication.
If you want to have a bit of natural element aside from grandeur on your classic wedding ballroom, you can have tall cylinder vases with branches, orchids, and roses or hydrangeas for your centerpieces. Floating candles can also provide a relaxing effect.

Decor easy to find, there are a lot of local wedding shop that is near you or you can always purchase online. Decorating classic wedding ballrooms in New Orleans LA also depend on what the venue can give that will fit with your wedding theme. Make sure that it has enough space for all your guests even in the dance floor.

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