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Patterns of Decorating Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX

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How to Decorate a King Cake?

wedding king cakesWhen you are opting for wedding king cakes in Houston, TX for your wedding, you need to know what are the exact decorating pattern that you would want to have on your cake. Using cake decorating patterns can help you create a fabulously finished cake without struggling to freehand any of the important elements. Patterns range from simple shapes like stars to complicated lace designs. This will surely enhance the look of your wedding cake.

Two simple methods are used for transferring patterns from paper to cake. Both of these methods are helpful when cake decorating with buttercream frosting or fondant. As with any successful cake design, until you are an expert, it is best to test out your design before making the cake for a special occasion. Best cakes here

Toothpick Transfers. The toothpick method is good for tracing lettering onto cakes and other small and/or intricate images. Tape the pattern to a hard surface, like a counter or back of a cake pan. Place wax paper over the pattern and tape so it does not move. Trace the pattern onto the wax paper using a permanent marker. After you finish tracing the image, place the wax paper with the marker side up onto the cake.

Piping Gel Transfers. Piping gel transfers are a little more difficult to perfect than toothpick transfers are, but will take less time once you have perfected the method. After you get the piping gel transferred onto the cake, you can fill in with the frosting method of your choice. Some people like to do their gel transfers in clear and outline with a dark frosting color, while other skip outlining totally.

Wedding king cakes in Houston, TX decorating patterns make cake designs easy to make prepare for even the most inexperienced baker. With a little creativity and practice, you can be successfully putting patterns onto your cakes in no time.

If you can’t find a provider you may want to ask help from your wedding store for references.

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