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Modern Style of Los Angeles, CA Bridal Gold Jewelry

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Selecting from Modern Gold Jewelry Styles

If there is a precious metal accessory that has been used for thousands of years, it is gold. Until now, this  type of metal is still trendy especially for wedding accessories. If you are looking forward to match your wedding outfit with gold accessories, it is important to know the following styles of bridal gold jewelry in Los Angeles, CA:

bridal gold jewelry18K white gold, rose gold and yellow gold

According to gold accessories artisan, the highest carat that is perfect for gold is 18K. Gold karats beyond 18K (22K and 24K) are usually too soft for a daily wear. 18K is already tested and proven since it is durable and can stand dynamic use. So, if you are heading to jewelry shops to buy a gold accessory, please make sure to take a look at 18K items.   

14K white gold

For the last twenty years, the metal that is a superstar in the 14K category is white gold. Most of the time, 18K white gold is used for men’s wedding band. For brides who want to stay away from traditional yellow gold ring options, white gold is a perfect alternative. The sellout feature of this ring is its whiteness that can be compared to platinum and palladium. The only issue with 14K white gold ring is its rhodium coating. If it is used dynamically, the coating may wear off. In short, it needs rhodium recoating from time to time.

Rose gold ring options

Long time ago, this type of bridal gold jewelry in Los Angeles is quite rare, Nowadays, modern ring artisans are usually utilizing this type of gold for non-traditional accessories. The main feature of this gold is its color; the pinkish or reddish hue provides the impression of being feminine and romantic. According to most stylish, rose gold rings are really enchanting as compared to other type of metals which you can found in wedding store online.

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