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Knowing the Silhouette Anatomy of Your Charlotte, NC Wedding Dresses

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Wedding Dress’ Silhouette Anatomy

As soon as you get engaged, the very first thing that you were thinking about is the wedding dress. There are a number of dress styles that you about to check so it is important that you are knowledgeable regarding the anatomy of dress silhouette. By knowing this important information, you can pick objectively among the long list of wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC.

Wedding DressAs a bride, the last thing that should happen to you is having difficulty which dress to wear on your big day. To help you with your important decision, here is a silhouette anatomy of your bridal dresses:

Selecting a ball gown

If you are to ask wedding dress designers regarding the most regal of all the wedding dresses, they are most likely to answer ball gowns. This type of dress is perfect if you are trying to emulate a Cinderella look for your big day. There are three defined characteristics that are highly noticeable with this dress such as: (1) it composed of layers of fabric that seems to float when you walk the aisle, (2) its full bell shape is really eye catching and (3) its bodice is slim cut that will make your waist look really toned and trimmed. dress

Wearing a sheath dress

If you are having trouble picking the right wedding dress Charlotte, this silhouette works for all body type according to experts. With this dress, you have the option for minimalistic chic or dazzling embellishment style. This dress is characterized with straight and long lines in order for the bride to look tall and lengthened. It also follows your natural shape so you don’t to worry with your curves. If you are opting for modern airy style, this dress’ sleek design is a perfect fit.

Picking a mermaid dress

If you want to amplify your curves to the fullest sultry level, mermaid dress is the one that you shoul wear. This dress is characterized with three strong points as follows: (1) the skirt flares out at the bride’s knees or thigh, (2) the bodice which is really elongated hugs your body perfectly until the hips and (3) it emphasizes an hourglass shape.

Donning a subtle A-line dress

This dress is considered as classic since it can flatter almost every bride with its balanced lines. The dress is will built with its fitted bodice that will surely highlight the narrowest point of your body; after the fitted bodice follows the A-shape skirt that flares out in gradual manner. If you want to wear a dress that is more structured and flowy, this is it.

Going out there to find the perfect dress for your body can be so tricky if you are not well informed when it comes to style, silhouette and body shapes. If you need more assistance when it comes to the selection of your wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC, the very first thing to do is to schedule a consultation with the nearest bridal dress consultant.

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