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Insurance to Safeguard Engagement Rings in Detroit MI

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Engagement Ring Insurance

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Imagine when yesterday you bought a $30,000 engagement ring and offered it to your partner for marriage proposal. Today, your partner told you she lost the ring. How would you react to that news? An engagement ring is not just a token or an offering, but an expensive purchase. Since engagement rings are relatively small and of high dollar value, it is just right to insure it against loos or theft.

If you do not have spare money to buy a new engagement ring, make sure that when you shop for engagement rings in Detroit MI you get insurance for it. Here’s how you can get insurance for your wedding shopping.

First, request a quote from an insurance agent, whether it is your renter or homeowner’s insurance, the engagement ring can be add with a policy. Ask what will be the coverage for the diamond ring Detroit in case of loss or theft.

Second, keep the sales receipts of the engagement ring as it will be requested by the insurance company in case of insurance claiming for the ring. Other insurance companies request for a written appraisal from your jeweler aside from the sales receipt. With the sale receipt and appraisal, the insurance will determine the face value of the ring and how you can claim.

Third, the receipts and the appraisals are not just enough proof or documents to get your insurance claim. Insurance companies often request for the photos of the ring or would like to see the ring in person. An insurance agent will validate your ownership of the ring and will draw a policy for the engagement ring.

Fourth, be prepared to pay for the premium, initial premium. Once you have made an initial premium payment, the coverage of insurance for your engagement ring begins as well.

Finally, never forget to make premium payments. Some terms and conditions apply when there is a lapse in the payment for the premium.

Many couples nowadays have their engagement rings in Detroit MI insured to be prepared in case of future loss or theft.

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