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Important Things You Should Prioritise Doing After Your Wedding

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What Should You Do After The Wedding Hype?

All About WeddingYou may get all giddy and excited preparing for your wedding day and even for your first night as husband and wife. But what comes after? Don’t forget that after your big day, there are many things that you should prioritise doing. For sure, you will need a lot of things that must be managed and organised after that.

Other than saving what’s left of the wedding cake and the flowers, you can start on sending thank you notes to the people especially those who travelled far who went and witnessed this special day of yours. A short message of gratitude will do. You and your partner can work on this together.  Just make sure to make time after your afternoon for this. You can send it as a post mail or get modern via ecards.

Don’t forget your wedding dress too. Good for you if you have rented it as you can return it to the shop even without having it cleaned. But if you bought it, you have to make time on how you will preserve it. Make sure that you also store it in a nice place where it won’t be damaged.

If a wedding album is not included on your wedding photography package, then you can have your copies printed and make a compilation of as soon as you have posted your wedding photos online. If this is part of what you paid for to your photographer, then you better schedule one weekend for this.

You should also make time to help your wedding vendors grow their own businesses in your small way. Since they have tired themselves just to help you achieve the wedding you always wanted to have, giving them positive reviews on wedding directory sites where they are also found about your experience working with them. After all the hard work, it is a small service to pay.

If you have already opened your wedding gifts, don’t wait too long to return or exchange the gifts that you think are not necessary for you. And if there are some gifts that you would like to receive, make use of those gift certificates while the items you wish to purchase are still in stock. It is advisable to prioritise the items that you need at home.

Last but not the least is to legally change your name and your status. From your Facebook page and Twitter account to your SS Card, driver’s license, bank accounts, and everything else, don’t wait for the time you will badly need them updated before you take the first step to being a legal wife in the papers.

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