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Easy Tips to Shoot Bride’s Family Photography in Houston, TX

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How to Get the Most Amazing Portraits of Your Family?

Bride’s family photographyPhotographing formals like bride’s family photography in Houston, TX during weddings can be very tiresome and stressful to all parties involved. It’s the part of the day both the guests and the photographer often want to get past as quickly as possible. Friends and family want to enjoy the cocktail with others. Bride and Groom are tired from standing far too long and a looking forward to get some rest before the reception. Could anyone blame them? When this kind of photography takes place during the big day, as a photographer, you should be ready. So here are some steps that you can take to achieve your goal and have everyone happy on your watch:

Talk to the bride and groom before the wedding.

Do your research and get to know your subjects earlier. Let’s admit that there is no way for you to get to know so many people at once. So, start early and talk it up with the bride and groom during the consultation session. Find out what their expectations are towards the formal portraits and how many people might participate in those. Sometimes it is easier to get a list of the family members who ought to be photographed alongside the bride and the groom. Ask the bride to inform her relatives that there will be a point during the wedding when they will be asked to get photographed. Keeping everyone informed will help you gather people around efficiently. Always make sure to ask the couple if there is anything you need to know about their families and have a strategy worked out to take care of any potential problems.

Help your subjects relax.

People are often intimidated by Houston family photographers and their big cameras. It is always better to be very honest when it comes to photographing subjects on a wedding event. Talk to them and communicate that you might be shooting them, but not with a rifle. You’re not dangerous, you don’t bite or bark at people, and the big bazooka-like tool you have in your hands is only intended to make them look fabulous. That’s right – joke! This will also allow the sincerity of your subjects to shine and will allow you connect with them in a different, emotional level.

Make a good use of maid of honor… and/or your second shooter.

That’s right! Often these beautiful ladies are family or a very close person to the entire wedding party. With her help you can gather people quickly in a bride’s family photography in Houston, TX and use her as a reference point if you need names and information of guests. If there is no maid of honor, an aunt will be an excellent “go to” lady. Second shooters or assistants come in very handy during formal sessions, too. If trained properly, they can help you organize the groups to be photographed. They can help you setup and hold your lights, reflectors, etc. Your second shooter should not photograph with you during the formals, as it often distracts everyone.

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