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Close to Nature Wedding Venues: Getting Married at Long Island

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Isn’t it wonderful to get married in a very serene place where you can only see the beauty of nature? If you are imagining this kind of environment to be your wedding venue and you are living near New York, Long Island is the best place to go. Aside from the fact that there are a lot of wedding stores located in one place, you can have a good selections of great places to get married. So what is special with getting married at Long Island wedding venue? Click to find out more.

Well, wait until you see two of the best scenic receptions in Long Island and your question will be answered. If you are looking for a close to nature wedding venue, the beauty of Majestic Gardens and Peconic River Herb Farm will stun you reception halls in Long Island NY

These two places are very unique, incomparable from the venues that are provided in the suburbs of New York City. Since Long island is a vast terrain, it houses earth friendly wedding reception areas.

Majestic Gardens

If you wanted to have an exclusive wedding, this is the right place for you. The policy in this reception venue is one wedding at a time. So, if you booked this place in a certain date, you can make sure that you are the only ones who will use the garden venue. This place is vast taking its six acres slice of the Long Island terrain. The picturesque of this place is perfect for a garden wedding. Can you imagine yourself walking like a fairy in the middle of the garden? Wait until you have seen it.

Peconic River Herb Farm

It seems that time is being frozen when you are here in this wedding venue. This place is perfect for a timeless wedding because it is far from the city’s bustle. In here, you can only feel earthly and close to nature vibe. It is easy to fall in love to this place because of its organic elegance. All of the aesthetics that will be used are from the farm such as dried flower centrepieces and live plants as well. The wedding reception in Long Island could be accessorized with pretty tents and candle filled jars. You can also have ginger-molasses cookies as your wedding favours. This place is indeed a calm place to get married. It is like the bride with an exquisite beauty.

Getting married at Long Island wedding venue will never be a wrong choice for you. Those two garden wedding venues are the best in the Island. Go check them out for further details.

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