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Buying Wedding Jewelry in San Diego, CA like a Jewelry Store Owner

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Wedding Jewelry Buying Guide

Wedding Jewelry StoresThere are indeed secrets in everything, even in buying jewelry. Maybe a friend will tell you to do this and that when you choose a jeweler or a piece of jewelry. On the other hand, the secrets to believe in buying jewelries must come only from the jewelry store owners. Not all owners of wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA will tell you these secrets, but these are definitely the things you need to keep in mind so you won’t be one of the victims of scam.

  1. When buying jewelry with colored gemstones at the wedding store, you can ask for one with natural-colored gemstones. You can actually find natural-colored gemstones, but not in all jewelry stores. If you are not shopping in a store that sells only conflict-free stones, then you should know that the colored stones are treated, especially when it has been set in finished jewelry piece already.  You can only determine the stone’s authenticity by having it appraised independently by an expert, which will cost you extra. The gemstone’s certificate must disclose how the stone acquire its color.
  2. The hallmark or stamp of karat weight and metal type can be easily faked. Whether you are buying from an independent seller or from a San Diego jewelry store, these can be faked. A white gold engagement ring stores in San Diego can have a ‘Pt’ stamp on it (Pt stands for platinum). Platinum is more expensive than white gold, and when you do not know this secret of jewelry stores, you end up paying more for a white gold jewelry.  You can avoid being a victim of this by having the metals weighed. Platinum weighs heavier than the white gold metal, read more here.
  3. Have you also heard the trick that to observe the diamond under the natural light? It will sparkle brightly compared when you are indoors. Well, it is to jewelers who insist you to do it. This is an old trick, but any diamond once it is clean, will definitely shine. Even when the diamonds are poorly cut, it will luster. A simple suggestion is not to buy from the jeweler who tells you to go out of the store and see how the diamond really looks under the sun.

These are only three of the secrets that owners of wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA don’t tell you. With these secrets revealed, it will be impossible for you to be cheated.

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