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The Basics of Rumba Dance Style in Houston, Texas

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Types of Dancing Style in Houston

If you’re planning to learn a beautiful ballroom dance, but you’re afraid of fast movements, rumba dance style in Houston, Texas is perfect for you. Rumba is a dance style that is generally slower than the other ballroom dances. Because of it’s sensual nature of the movements, rumba is also called the dance of love. Historically, the rumba originated in Havana in the late 19th cweddingdance_1entury.

The name rumba comes from the word rum-bear meaning having a great time or partying. There was a point the this ballroom dance was prohibited to be danced in the United  States because of its sexual nature. Nonetheless, it has become popular in all parts of the globe today.

Learning the dance movements of rumba will make you also learn some different styles of ballroom dances. For instance, if you practice the basic movements of rumba, you can start to learn the quicker tempos in other dances like the Salsa. Basically, the rhythm of the rumba is four-four time, which is surprisingly a basic rhythm of other ballroom dances. Actually, you can dance the rumba to just any song as long as it’s in four-four measure, whether the tempo is fast, medium or slow. If you’re interested in learning how to dance the rumba dance style in Houston, Texas, you actually have several options, you can search online in any wedding store, magazines or newspaper.

There are many dance studios in the city of Houston, which ensures that you’ll find one in your area. There are also rumba classes and workshops in some local community centers. Make sure to check out. Rumba dance classes are one of the great ways to meet new people, but if you’re really self-conscious, you can take introductory lessons through the internet.

There are many websites that provide basic skills in all kinds of ballroom dancing. You may also purchase instructional DVDs. While these manuals are good, it is always best to learn rumba from a real dance instructor. If you are interested with salsa dance lessons Houston, go to our website for more information about session enrolment.

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