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Amazing Wedding Favor Ideas to Surprise Your Guests

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Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors become part of every wedding celebration. It is a token of appreciation to the guests. Favors come in various forms and sizes. Some are edible and some are for display. The favors are also serves as remembrance to the special day.

There are some that can be purchase and some are DIY. Either way, wedding favors will make your guests happy and delighted. Below are some exciting ideas that you can opt for your wedding favors:


Edible wedding favors are the most popular favor today because they can be done easily. Cupcakes and mini cakes are very common so why not give meringues? This sweets taste amazing and they look pretty too because of the different colors! Making meringues are quite easy because there are lots of recopies that you can get online.

All About WeddingMarshmallows

Who don’t love marshmallows? Just like meringues they come in different colors. Marshmallows also have different flavors. You can put them in an air-tight container and add label. The fluffiness and softness of marshmallows is a perfect treat not only to the adult guests but also to the kids.

Cocktail in a Jar

There are some stores that offer ready-made cocktail drinks. You can repack them in glass jar (Mason jars are preferable). Your guests will be surprised. You can use cocktails that are colorful to make the presentation more attractive. Print a label and glue that in the jar. You can also use other jars aside from Mason. If the cocktail is clear you can use colorful jars instead.

Luggage Tags

Having a destination wedding? Luggage tags are perfect for your wedding favor. There are some printing companies that can provide customized luggage tags. This type of favors is also useful for your guests who travel a lot. Some printing companies require minimum numbers to accommodate an order.


Succulents are trendy nowadays and they are so cheap. This plant is easy to grow and doesn’t require too much attention. You can put them in a glass or colorful pot. To add more details you can include miniature cactus. They are almost the same so you don’t need to worry in taking care of the plants. This is ideal for summer wedding favor.

Bottle Stoppers

Personalized bottle stoppers are perfect for a formal wedding. There are some stoppers with initial of the couple. Many craft stores are now producing such favors for the wedding. You can also add Swarovski crystals to add sparks to the stoppers.

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