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5 Unique and Romantic Wedding Favors You Can Give to Your Guests

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Examples of Unique Wedding Favors

Giving out wedding favors to your guests after the ceremony and reception is a fun and special way to remind your guests of your celebration. When it comes to the kinds and designs of wedding favors, options are endless.

Wedding FavorsHere are 5 unique wedding favors designs that you can use for your own wedding taht can be purchase in your wedding shopping store.

Customized Pencils

Purchase colorful pencils and personalize them with your name, a romantic quote, or your favorite song lyrics. You may choose to give each of your guests with individual pencils or you can bundle up five or six pencils and tie them with customized stickers.

Letter Cookies

Send your guests home with a yummy treat by giving them bite-size delights with a special message. Prepare small boxes or patterned paper and use them as containers of your letter cookies. For words, you may use your monograms, initials, or the word Thanks to express your gratitude to people who shared their time with you.

Cool and Romantic Shades

If you’re thinking of giving your guests something cute and cool, considering giving out 3D glasses designed with hearts, bubbles, or flowers. You can actually find 3D glasses that show charming quotes when hit by light in the dark.

Messages in a Bottle

Fill in a jar with assorted and colorful candies together with a special message written in a piece of paper. These old-fashioned sweets can be enjoyed by your guests while travelling on their way home.

Mixed Snacks

Give your guests a treat with a yummy treat that is both sweet and salty. For instance, you can place cashew nuts coated with butter toffee in a customized cup and wrap it with a patterned paper. You may also prepare a mix of nuts and package them with your signature colors.

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